Aurora Dome

Spend the evening with us in our exclusive Aurora Dome far away from any light pollution and discover the magic of the Northern Lights! We will walk with you through the evening forest for around ten minutes, to the Dome. When we arrive at the Aurora dome we will serve you hot soup and bread as well as coffee/tea and tell you about the Northern Lights while waiting for them.

We will go outside if the Aurora Borealis appear to enjoy their show and take pictures of that unforgettable moment.

Why the Aurora Dome?

The biggest advantage of the Aurora Dome compared to waiting outside without a shelter or inside in a regular cabin is that you have tempered environment and can sit down on a bench while enjoying a bowl of hot soup, but it is not so warm that you have to take your winter gear off. We do have a nice log fire which will keep you considerably warmer than outside, but keep your hat on! The Aurora Dome allows you to just walk outside with your camera if you see the Northern Lights through the Dome wall and take pictures when they come to dance. The Aurora Dome is located in a forest where you have no other source of light other than the lights of the stars and the small light from the candles & fire inside the Dome.

Dog Sledding

Duration 4 hours including transfers. Price is 1200 Sek per person or 1600 Sek walking with Snowshoes, minimum 2 people. PLEASE NOTE THESE TIMES AND PRICES ARE FROM NOW UNTIL TO NOVEMBER 30, NOT INCLUDING 25 OR 26, The Tour and prices change after Mid-November into our Aurora Dome Winter Tours which is a very different, but as exciting format....because we have SNOW !!!

Optional: If you want to spend a whole evening and night in the area can you book our sleeping cabin which is located at the starting point where we change you into winter gear. (8 bed cabin). Please contact us direct for prices & availability.

Price: 1750 SEK/person
The price includes: Transfer, guide, coffee/tea
Number of participants: Minimum 2 people, maximum 7 people
Departure: Every odd day between 1 September and 2 April, at 21.00 - approximate 02:30


Our special Aurora arrangement for individual travellers and photographers with advanced ambitions will bring you to Abisko – the “village of the northern lights”. Due to it’s unique location Abisko is known for its many clear nights, which makes it one of the world’s best places to see the northern lights. Your driver-guide will meet you at Camp Ripan and he will give you a safe car trip in search for your best aurora picture. From Kiruna towards west we’re going to pass small settlements and wide open swamp areas. Following parallel to the railroad tracks of the Kiruna iron ore train we will soon reach Abisko. On our way we will make stops at scenic viewpoint locations and take a nightwalk down to the ice of lake Torneträsk. We don’t set up a detailed itinerary for this trip and it is NOT about stopping in Abisko just to turn back around! Depending on the weather and aurora situation we might pass Abisko and continue towards the border to Norway. So you will have a maximized chance of seeing the aurora out here in the snowy high mountain area. Your guide will stop where ever you want to take your pictures. Take your time to focus on to your focus . We go out to watch aurora in Lapland!

Exclusive Night cruise in vehicle with panoramic glass roof

Travel around part of Northern Lapland hunting the Northern Lights. An exclusive trip for only your private party of family and friends. Our vehicle features 360 degrees of viewability with a large windowed Sky roof so you can see the Northern Lights without getting out into the cold, of course, we will also be stopping to give you fantastic photo opportunities should the Aurora come out to dance for us. Where we go will depend on where we have the best chance to see the mesmerising lights of Lapland. We may drive to Abisko, but if it looks more likely that we will see them in another location, we will travel there. Our guides are expert in spotting the Aurora and will quickly whisk you to the best possible viewpoint if Northern Lights are active in the Arctic Lapland skies. You can also choose your departure times between 1900 - 2100 to optimise the possibility of viewing the Aurora.

Night cruise
Tour Times: We collect you between 1900-2100 (You decide the best time) from your hotel within a 20km radius from Kauppinen. Finish time can vary but the trip will probably last around 5 hours in total.
Tour Dates: Tours run from September until end of March and are available on even nights only.
Group Size: Between 1 - 6 people can travel to hunt the Northern Lights.
Price: 9000 Sek for the whole vehicle with guide (Dec 24th - Jan 2nd +1000 Sek)
Please note that the last two seats on this tour are not designed for large people, either children or smaller humans
Trail length: Minimum 30km
Tour Times: We collect you at 14:00 on day one and you will be back at our base around 12:00 on day two.
Price: 4800 SEK/person for 4-7 people, 4500 SEK/person for 8-16 people.
Group Size: Min 4 persons, Max 16 persons
Transportation: FREE transfers (within a 20km radius of our kennel in Kauppinen). Winter clothing included

Student Overnight Aurora Dog Sledding

We collect at 14:00 hours from your hotel (within a 20km radius of Kauppinen). We will dress you in warm winter clothing & give you full instructions on how the programme will run and how to take care of your energetic team of Alaskan Huskies. We will then head off to our wilderness camp in Kaperasjärvi. Half of the group will drive their dog teams while the other half ride in the guides sled/s. You will swap halfway, and the others will drive the dog teams.

After arriving at the camp, we put our dogs to the kennels as we go to have a quick coffee then prepare food for the dogs. Afterwards, we will heat the Sauna and ready our three-course dinner. Our wilderness camp is situated in complete darkness around with no other light pollution, so here you have a fantastic opportunity to spend the evening looking for the Northern Lights, the frozen lake we are next to gives you a huge wide open area which is ideal for viewing the beautiful Aurora Borealis from every direction.

Overnight is in two rooms downstairs and a loft, the walls separate it to the small sleeping rooms. We will prepare and enjoy Dinner & breakfast in the other nearby cabin.

Next morning after feeding the dogs and having breakfast we harness our teams again and drive back to our home base for transfer back to Kiruna or Jukkasjärvi (must be within a 20km radius of our base in Kauppinen). We return around 11:00 to 12:00 hours.

Overnight Aurora Hunter Snowmobile Adventure (Small Groups)

This fantastic Snowmobile overnight trip is limited to 8 persons maximum; we will take a smaller group of 4 as a minimum. We keep our groups small so that you enjoy a stress-free, relaxed journey through our Arctic Wilderness. We travel at the speed you want on this thrilling adventure. We will try and hunt down the Aurora Borealis, and if we do manage to see her, we shall stop to allow you time for photography and filming. We drive through scenic forests and across frozen swamps down on to the glittering ice-covered Torne River, here we will shortly pass the world famous Ice Hotel.

We will spend a relaxing evening, and a have a cosy sauna in our wilderness camp. Dinner is also available should you wish in either two or three-course options. We will serve you breakfast in the morning with coffee and tea. This evening you will have another chance to try and spot the Northern Lights and take some fantastic photographs. Dinner is optional, and you can choose to bring your own or eat before you come.

We will return around 10:00 the following morning after an enthralling drive back over the mesmerising Arctic wilderness. Local transfer (within 20km of our base in Kauppinen), warm winter gear, breakfast, overnight stay & sauna all included in the price.

Tour Length: Approx 40km.
Tour Times: 19:00 - 10:00 next morning.
Price: 3800 SEK/p (2 people share a snowmobile), Single Snowmobile 4500 SEK/person, Optional Dinner: 2 Course 250 Sek/person, three course - 350 SEK/person.
Group Size: Minimum 4 persons, Maximum 8 persons.
Transportation: FREE transfers (within the 20km radius of our base in Kauppinen) and winter clothing included.