Possibly next to feeding, the most important job (it’s not really a job to us it’s a pleasure and a joy) is training and exercising our 100 or so powerful canine Athletes! This begins around September until the first week in November, depending on the temperatures as too warm is not good for our furry friends, whom prefer running in -20c.

So if you have ever wondered how world class dog kennels train world class Alaskan Huskies NOW is your opportunity. Join us on one of our training trips for long distance races. This is a truly adrenaline filled and exhilarating experience as you assist our top guides as they hook up between 14 to 18 Alaskan Huskies in front of a heavy ATV.

This is the time when we start getting serious and down to business but it’s also maximum fun for both us and the dogs and of course you should you choose to be part of these fantastic moments.

Afterwards you can listen to some crazy, sometimes scary stories of life with dogs out in The Arctic Cold while enjoying a warm drink and some cookies over the open fire.

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come training with us

Tour Length: Around 4 Hours
Tour Times: We can be flexible, call or email to arrange.
Price: 1200 SEK per person, children under 12 half price
Group Size: 2-9 people
Transportation: FREE transfers to and from your Hotel (within 20km radius)
If there is enough snow at the end of October we will go with the sled.

watch our pre-winter sled dog training video