Sleddog Handler / Guide Training

During mid August – end of November we will run an intense course for individuals who are interested in working in a sled dog kennel. If you are interested and eager to learn, you will learn enough in 6-12 weeks to be considered for employment in most sleddog kennels worldwide. The first two weeks is mostly kennel duties, like feeding, caring , fixing, repairing gear and driving with trailer particularly in reverse. From the third week we add more dog training and some theory lessons in “trail behaviour”, how to make fire and camp and cook on trail and in some of our wilderness cabins.

Later after the snow falls. You will learn to drive a sled yourself, and this will continue until we have you to the standard of being able to safely navigate a trail in numerous weather conditions with up to 4 guests on the sled and 14 dogs under your command. Your main teacher will be Taisto Torneus, a professional wilderness guide for over 30 years, multiple times Swedish & Scandinavian long distance champion and recently this year 2017 middle distance world championship silver medalist.

The other professional guides at Lapland Wilderness Tours will also be responsible for part of your training programme. This programme is not for the feint hearted ! However, after successfully completing the course with dedication and drive you will most certainly be ready and equipped with the knowledge and experience enabling you drive large dog teams and look after yourself and guests in a variety of challenging conditions.

You begin the course on agreement and quit when you want or have attained the level of knowledge you are satisfied with.


Please call or email us direct to discuss requirements, a fairly good level of fitness is required for this tour

Course Duration: 6 – 12 Weeks. Or to the point you have attained adequate knowledge/ experience.

Price: 3000 Sek/week

Accommodation: Basic dormitory style lodging included with lunch, (Should you require your own room, this is available to rent at our neighbours place)

Maximum Students: 6 people at the same time.

You will learn how to spot the famous Aurora and take guests to our unique dome by Dogsled

Lapland is a big place, you will learn to drive big teams in all weather conditions

You might be taking our guests for an evening in one of our secluded forest cabins

You will be taught how to repair sleds, maybe even build one if your good enough

Dog care is of ultimate importance, your going to learn tips and tricks you dont read in books

Preparing 12-14 dog teams for one of our many tours across the famous Torne river