Kennel visit & Short husky ride

Visit our world class sleddog kennel in Kauppinen, Lapland. Our dogs work extremely hard in the winter, it's great to see our entire bunch of over 100 dogs lying basking under the Midnight Sun, taking some well earned rest.

Still we welcome you to visit our friendly dogs in the summer, take a guided walk through our dog yards while our guides tell you how we train the dogs, how we feed them, breed them and about our own experiences in the some of the toughest sleddog races in the world.

You're welcome to come and meet the race dogs and of course PLAY WITH THE PUPPIES as it's great for them to be familiar with many different people and prepare them for their career as the friendly, cuddly and happy huskies of Lapland Wilderness Tours. You can also enjoy a short ride with the Huskies in our summer cart to give you an idea of the brute strength of these amazing animals.

Afterwards join us for some tea or coffee and cookies before we take you back to your hotel.
Tour Length: 1.5 - 2 Hours
Tour Times: 10.00 & 18:00 hours but we can be flexible, call or email us to arrange
Price: 750 Sek per person, children under 12 - 375 Sek
Group Size: 2-8 people with a minimum of 2 guests, single person can join an already booked group, we can also accommodate larger groups, please call or email to discuss
Transportation: FREE transfers to and from your Hotel (within 20km radius)

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Day Fishing tours

If you know the secret places to fish, Lapland can provide some excellent days fishing. We can take you fishing on creeks, rivers and lakes depending on the time of season and which species you enjoy fishing for.

All the required equipment, including boats and fishing licence are included. Let us know what kind of fishing you would like to do, off boat, fly fishing in river or of shore and we can for sure take you to a super secluded location that you are sure love. Afterwards or during we can hopefully enjoy our catch or we can cook one of our traditional wilderness lunches over an open fire.

Please note that our fishing tours are available from June until the end of August.

Tour Length: Half day and full day Tours
Tour Times: Half Day: 10:00 to approx 13:30, Full Day: until 16:00
Price: Half Day: 1200 SEK. Full Day 1800 SEK/ including wilderness lunch
Group Size: 2-4 People, we can take more than 4 but please call in advance to arrange
Transportation: FREE transfers to and from your Hotel (within 20km radius)

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overnight fishing tours

Come and join us on an idyllic overnight fishing excursion at one of our fantastic secluded lodges.

We have two fantastic locations available for overnight fishing both which have a lovely sauna and true wilderness appeal.

Close to Sweden's longest river - the mighty Torne. It is less than than 3km by one of our boats to world class Grayling fishing & good sized Trout. If you are trolling you can catch big trout from almost directly outside the lodge and down to the rapids.

Our rustic Lakeside lodge is to be found sheltered in the forest less than 50m from the lakeside. An excellent location for Perch and the occasional Pike if that takes your fancy. Enjoy a tranquil day or two with us in either of these fantastic locations.

These trips can be combined to provide you with a splendid 3 day & 2 night trip fishing in Arctic Lapland.
Overnight Trip: 2-4 people with a minimum of 2 guests, we can also accommodate larger groups, please call or email to discuss.
From: 10.00 Day 1 to 12.00 Day 2.
PRICE: 3,800SEK p/p. Min 2 persons.
3 day/ 2 nights combi: 6,500 SEK p/p. Min 2 persons.

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